Insights Center founders have a combined 150 years of experience in the market research industry, and each has contributed their specific expertise to making Insights Center what it is today.

What is Insights Center?

Insights Center is a unique organization offering specialty facilities across the US that offers commercial kitchens and spacious, well-appointed focus suites. We specifically built the organization to answer a growing need in the marketplace for facilities that could host both qualitative and quantitative studies. With marketing and R&D teams working so closely together, we knew our office spaces would satisfy both. Our facilities have been designed with today’s MR needs in mind, and our staff has been trained to expertly meet those very needs.

Spacious, Equipped, Flexible

Insights Centers’ fully equipped test kitchens include walk-in refrigeration, ventilation, fryers, and plenty of stainless prep space. Our sensory/CLT labs are capable of seating up to 50 at a time, and our ServSafe trained sensory personnel handle even the most complex studies with ease. Whether it’s a sequential monadic, paired comparison, or discrimination test, our clients know they can rely on the data we collect.

Large flex spaces (with viewing for up to 24) were designed to accommodate digital walls, large displays, and even automobiles (in some locations). With robust, targeted databases, and full time, dedicated recruiters, our teams are skilled at identifying the ideal participants for virtually any type of study.

Innovative Facility Designs

Insights Centers are all designed to promote innovation and insights. Each 10,000+ square foot facility offers unique features to enhance the MR experience:

Creative Spaces


Relaxation Rooms

Flex Spaces

In addition, central and individual reception areas offer additional layers of security and provide essential check points for participants and clients. Double doors, loading docks, and wide hallways make large deliveries of displays or specialty kitchen equipment a breeze.

Whether a study trends toward the more traditional MR approach or takes the most innovative of routes towards insights, our facilities were built to host it with ease.

Floor Plans – Los Angeles

At Insights Center — Los Angeles’ premier taste test and focus group facility — we are dedicated to providing you with the right recruits in the right environment.

Our state-of-the-art facility is ideally located in one of the finest communities, providing convenient access for both clients and respondents from the suburbs or the city. We spared no expense to create an environment that is both lavish and relaxed. Each suite has all of the amenities that you will need for comfortable viewing of your groups, while the spacious and fully equipped commercial test kitchen is sure to please even the most experienced chefs.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with every client, and we have found the only way to do this is to provide meticulous recruiting, a spectacular facility and unsurpassed customer service. Our recruiting team is skilled and experienced, our facility is unequaled and our audio/video system can be adapted to meet any client need. Every “i” has been dotted; every “t” crossed! We want your experience with us to be a positive one, and we believe that shows.

With Insights Center, we will stay up at night worrying about your groups so you don’t have to. And we pride ourselves in accommodating your requests with a smile. Whether you need us to phone 100 stores to find a particular product or shop for your client’s child, just ask!

Even though you may be miles from home and without the amenities of your office, with Insights Center, you are not alone and without assistance. We will not let you down.

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